My wedding but different….

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I got married way back in the dark ages… well 2001 but things were so different back then it’s like a whole different era!  Or maybe I just think that because I wasn’t involved in the wedding industry?  I had very clear ideas what I wanted (I say I, because apart from the venue and church… I seem to remember making most of the decisions ;-) ) but looking back it was very traditional and elegant …  would I still make those choices knowing what I know today?

I think for alot of the big decisions I probably wouldn’t change them, the venue was beyond gorgeous, I loved my dress but it’s more the small details and frills that I would add to or change… for the things I wouldn’t change I will also blog about them but it will be purely self indulgent reminiscing… so apologies in advance.

So I’ve decided to replan my wedding in blog form, discussing things that I would do differently, or the same… if I was to get married in 2012 rather than 2001…

I will start with hair and makeup… my biggest wedding bugbear in the next post….beware mine was shocking!



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