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Hello again, onto photography this time. I loved my wedding photographer Helen, I chose her because I loved her work (obviously) but also because we clicked instantly and it really is important to get on with your photographer… they are going to be with you ALL day!  Helen was fabulous and went over and above her role, even mending the bow on my dress in church (she had a sewing kit with her and safety pins!). I must apologise to Helen for the awful quality in reproducing her images via my iphone! My Dad is an excellent photograph taker and I’m sure many of my friends are too but there was absolutely no way I was not going to have a professional in this role for my wedding. It was a once only chance to capture our special day and I also did not want any of my guests under pressure to be taking pictures instead of enjoying themselves.

I did go down the road of having disposable cameras on the table but this was an utter waste of time as the flashes didn’t work properly and most of the pictures were of no use at all. In today’s age of mobile phones and fabulous cameras it’s really not necessary, you’ll have plenty of snap shots circulating anyway.

Back to the professional shots though I really can’t stress this enough, go and visit lots of photographers and do this early in the planning stage as the good ones are booked up far in advance. Look at their work and their style of shooting, see what’s included in the various packages and see who you get on with best, remember they are effectively another guest at the wedding.

One thing not on offer when we got married was the option of an engagement shoot. I would have loved this, and is something I would really recommend you to do. Many also offer a second shooter option, where effectively you and your groom have a photographer each to start the day and they then work in tandem, capturing many varied shots throughout your day.

I am lucky to know several amazing photographers, all who have different prices and styles, have a look through yourselves and see what suits you best. I would recommend Helen but she no longer does wedding photography, however go and check out her site for her beautiful photography and textiles.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this – it’s always interesting to hear and will be invaluable for brides and grooms to be.
    Funnily enough, even though we are wedding photographers, we nearly got it all wrong for our wedding. I was so worried about the budget that I didn’t go with someone that I clicked with which, as you say, is so very important. We then thought about it long and hard and finally re-booked with one of our aquaintances at the time who is now a really good friend! It is so important that you and your family will gel with the photographer.
    So, thanks again for the post and for the mention.

    Kelly Boyd

    • admin

      Thank you for the comment Kelly, really appreciate it and glad it worked out for you in the end. My pleasure to mention people I can whole heartedly recommend. xxx

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