My wedding but different… Hair and Make-up

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I can’t really believe I’m putting this photo on my blog…. eeek it’s my least favourite one in the whole album and it shows up every single blemish and cried off bit of makeup.  I have to admit I did cry buckets during the ceremony and the make up just wasn’t up to it… but why oh why did I not reapply when I arrived at Tillmouth Park??? 

Let me start at the beginning, I was a very low maintenance 25 year old in the beauty scheme of things, I wore makeup but that was about it, and I knew I would want to make more of an effort for my wedding day.  So off I toddled to House of Fraser and put myself in the hands of the least scary looking lady at the Clinque counter.  Well, the results weren’t quite what I anticipated I looked like I was about to tout for business… I was brain washed into buying a load of products then made for the loos to wash it all off.

On the morning of our wedding I did my own makeup a whole lot more successfully than at Clinque and I was more than happy with the results (I only wish I sorted the caterpillars above my eyes out… how did I come so late to eyebrow grooming????)  but way back then I had no idea how to make it last.  The lesson to be learnt, if you doing it yourself make sure you have time for touch ups and have lessons before hand in how to apply it to last, and more importantly don’t do it yourself.

If I was to marry this year I would undoubtedly put myself in Jo Bilham’s magical hands.  I’ve been lucky to have been transformed by her on several occasions and she really is a genius and by god does it last!  This photograph was taken at the Love My Dress Soiree in August and I look a darn sight better (albeit it 10 years on) than I did on my wedding day… what can I say lesson well and truly learnt.

Hair was a different matter and one purely of communication, I had seen the hair style I wanted on somebody else but I hadn’t even heard of google back then… well maybe but I was limited in what I knew I could do… and didn’t know where to start in describing it to the hairdresser.  So firstly it didn’t really come out how I wanted and secondly got totally destroyed by my veil.

I would still wear it up but this time with more interest at the front, my hair coming down over my face more and more intricate at the back the likes of which I’ve seen the amazing Kizzy of Charisma Hair, do.  The photo below is one of Kizzy’s works of art, that just happens to be on one of my brides from last August, isn’t it just stunning!

Not all my wedding posts will be this critical, I have started with the aspect I regret most, you’ll have to prepare yourselves for lots of soppy reminiscing now ;-)



  1. Danielle

    you look beautiful! you really do, great read and love the hair style you’d go with if you could do it again.

    I’ve yet to find a make up artist for my uk wedding reception! no way could i do it myself, i’m hopeless with make up :)

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